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Safari! 5 – posted Nov. 29, 2016

What’s behind the gray wall? Read all about it in the next installment of my safari adventure.P1070223.JPG


These are dark times. What better than music to feed our souls? What’s ahead requires us to be ready to support life and justice.


Forget about the pretension title of this concert. My latest looks at Joaquin Rodrigo’s beautiful concerto for classical guitar and orchestra and takes a detour into to a little known corner of Miles-Davis Land wherein secrets are revealed. Our soloist was Yang Xuefei with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Alexander Shelley. Here on Live Performance 2016.



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Safari! Part 4 – posted October 23, 2016

We continue the next morning on the trail of the elusive tail and it leads to a magical few minutes that will never be forgotten.

OK, it's a jaguar carving but just picture its African counterpart and you'll also be on the right track.

OK, yes, it’s a jaguar carving. Just picture its African counterpart and you too will be on the right track.

Here’s your link to the next Safari adventure on Travel 2016.

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Safari! Part 3 – posted October 12, 2016

Part 3 of my safari at Arathusa Lodge in Sabi Sands.

Time for the second afternoon game drive. Last having spotted three of the Big Five. What’s going to happen? What new encounters?

What old friends? Here on Travel 2106.


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New Review – Dmitry Masleev – posted Oct 6, 2016

Dmitry Masleev – the winner of the XV Tchaikovsky Piano Competition played in Hong Kong, October 5. How fortunate is that?? Brought here by the Chopin Society of Hong Kong, The Joy of Music Festival as featured in the 4th Hong Kong International Piano Competition.


We were also introduced to Tam Hei Tung – a young pianist to keep your eyes on.

Read my review on Live Performance page.

In addition, and totally off topic, you are welcome read my submission to this past weekend’s 24-hour short story challenge here. The constraint given was: had to feature a nursery rhyme.


It’s been more than six months since I last posted a review of a live performance. My interests and thoughts have been turned in another direction for the most part but I went to a one-man play on Friday night and I discovered I had lots to say about it. There was a “Meet the Artist” event after the performance and I had a question but my strong reaction led me to the door instead.

In the end, there was lots more I could have written, including more examples of why I felt the way I did and giving more support for the conclusions I came to – but enough is enough. Review on Live Performance page.

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Safari, Part 2 – posted Sept 23, 2016

Safari Part 2

We meet at 5:15 AM to head out on our first morning game drive. For someone who has spent a lifetime trying not to get up in the early morning, for some reason, this turned out not to be a problem.


Hang on, I see some vehicles and something lumpy. Hard to see. –  Let’s take a closer look.




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Safari! Part 1 – posted Sept 15, 2016

South Africa is famous for its wildlife and for its safaris. From earlier times, these were for hunters. Now they are places for people like me who love the wildlife, want to protect them and capture only their images as our trophies. Although it probably originated from hunting days, there are five animals that constitute “The Big Five” and apparently, it is every safari-goers ambition to see all five. Did I do it? Find out as I post each of my six game drives.

The big five are, in alphabetical order: cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino.

It was March 27, and I was headed for the Arathusa Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sands near Kruger Park. Now, that’s a welcome with a warning.



Enter at your own risk here.

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South Africa – The People pt. 3

Leaving the food preparation we continue looking around Langa and end our Township visit in Gugulethu as I conclude my time in fabulous Cape Town. On Travel 2016.

Coming next update – safari!



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South Africa – The People pt. 2

The visit to Langa continues with, of course, more food but a whole lots else too.


Part of the tour included visiting an outdoor food preparation area – There’s a warning when it’s time for vegetarians to skip that particular portion.

Join the tour here.



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