Posted by: hksounds | October 12, 2018

Some Late Night Thoughts – October 11, 2018

Something different from me, this time.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. That’s nothing new, but this time my thoughts have led me to put some into a blog post. Although, I love reading personal blogs, generally I prefer topic/issue related reads.

My focus has been more and more about the state of the world, about how far down a very dark road we have come and, where once we walked, now, we are, rushing headlong towards the abyss. By ‘we,’ I mean those who are making the vital decisions in the dominant societies of the world. Irrespective of whether we call our countries ‘democracies,’ most of us are simply hostages, unable or unwilling to stop those in power from destroying us all.

It seems very clear, that the rest of the human species is as impotent to affect or change these destructive decisions as are the non-human species we so carelessly capture or kill.

I have no solutions but I am always and eagerly looking for those with ideas that might lead to a way forward. Unfortunately, too many of the ideas I come across, aren’t solutions but, are, rather, a disguised continuation of the same basically flawed thinking that has led us to our current situation.

We need something that breaks with the kind of thinking that has brought us to this point. Human language is both a communication tool, that connects, as well as disconnects. This dichotomy operates at fundamental levels. Technology has further smoothed the path leading towards destruction. I don’t know if that’s by choice, default, or by something deeply inherent in the tool-making process, itself.

The education system, here in Hong Kong, and elsewhere, seems to have no idea that it could function to liberate human thought from the failed pathways of the past, rather than furthering us along this discredited model.

I am disheartened that many students, as well as adults, in today’s world, have no passions, no questions and no awareness of the grandeur of life and all the myriad species in this intricate web we are a part of. This incredible complexity has been mostly excised by modern societies, entirely, and, what’ little remains has been shrunk into simplistic, self-serving beliefs that promote the exceptionalism of humans.

Children are being taught useless subjects, in a manner that reinforces passivity and conformity to all the failed ways of thinking, leaving them unaware and unprepared to reverse this course to destruction. Neither, are they being prepared on how, to survive when the infrastructure they have been made so dependent on, fails, as it will with the multi-meter sea level rise that climate scientists predict is coming.

Those who have some awareness of Global Warming, are encouraged not to look too closely and to think they’ll be fine if they don’t live next to the sea. Not realizing that all coastal area, cities included, will be devastated. When the electric grid goes under water, what then? When nuclear power plants are submerged, what then? When roads, bridges, railroad tracks and airport runways are underwater, what then? When sources of clear water no longer exist for hundreds of millions of people, what then? When the majority of cropland is flooded or drought-stricken, what then? When diseases are rampant and there’s no functioning public health infrastructure, what then?

These are the subjects that need to be urgently addressed. The future of our biosphere requires it. But it’s not happening.

I am lucky that I have many passions and continue to discover new ones. But I want that for every one. I want life on Earth to continue.

This is a quick skimming of a few recent thoughts. It is a bit disjointed but that’s how thoughts are.

That’s enough for one day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how to move us forward on this vital quest.



  1. Are there environmental activists in Singapore? There are many groups here in the US that I’m hoping will gain more and more credibility and power even as the Trump administration continues. Have you heard of Charles Eisenstein? You might want to read his work. He’s promoting a very different model of living that you might find positive and practical. I also follow Rebecca Solnit who writes about politics, activism, and hope. She has a large following here.

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    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your comment. Singapore is a several hour plane flight away but I understand your intention. I am familiar, to a small extent with Rebecca Solnit and I will certainly look up Charles Eisenstein.


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