Posted by: hksounds | May 22, 2016

2016 – Seems it’s Already the Year the Music Died

May 22 – I learned today that another great has died. Already this year we’ve lost Bowie and Prince, Emilio Navaira and now Guy Clark, I learned has died a few days earlier.

There are plenty of tributes to all of these incomparable artists online. I’d just like to put up a couple of videos of Guy.

Here’s one of my favorite songs by Guy Clark, “Home-Grown Tomatoes.” This video is from Austin City Limits around the same time as when I saw him live at Ballard Back Stage, Seattle with Robert Earl Keen in the early 1990s

Here’s one of Guy’s most well-known songs sung by quite a few of the Texas singer-songwriters that I love, including, but not in the order of appearance, Guy, Nanci Griffith, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Steve Earle, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Eric Taylor.

(I saw a lot of great artists because they were on the same program with Robert: Nancy Griffith, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark,  Lyle Lovett. Thanks Robert, for that.)

Emilio wasn’t only a great Tejano artist; he was much more encompassing country, rhythm and blues, English and Spanish. A couple of non-tejano examples from a concert in Monterrey, NL, Mexico:

And of course, Tejano:

David Bowie
Emilio Navaira (King of Tejano Music)
Guy Clark

On the way –
I’ve been encouraged to add a new page to cover some of the amazing travel I’ve experienced this year – but it’s taking some time.


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