Posted by: hksounds | September 11, 2015

New Review – Tan Dun’s Nu Shu, HK Phil’s season opener

New Review of an extraordinary evening of new and traditional music with TanScreen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.10.30 PM Dun on Live Performance page.

Although there are several other performances from this summer which were excellent, I have decided to skip writing them up. Two took place outside Hong Kong, one in Seattle and one in Seoul. Two were plays. One was Slaughterhouse Five by the Book It! repertory company in Seattle which was absolutely brilliant and one was in Hong Kong, the incomparable Hamlet by the Globe Theatre which is on a tour to perform this play in every country of the world and HK was ‘country’ number one-hundred and twenty something. It was a very accessible and well thought out production.

I also attended a soprano recital in Seoul by Lee Mi Ran, which was enjoyable but it seemed as if she was just getting warmed up, vocal-wise, when the concert ended. Her programme was very ambitious and ranged from Purcell at the start to Wagner at the finish. She would do well to concentrate on the operatic repertoire and skip the French art songs.

Surely these are worth reviewing but I wanted to take what looks like the one and only chance this year to almost catch up.

And these are not the only concerts or other event that I have not included on this blog which raises the question of whether what is here will become defining of the year and my experiences when they are merely some of the events I have chosen to include.

I am toying with adding a new page for books I have read this year as I feel very strongly that these have been at an exceptionally high level.


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