Posted by: hksounds | July 13, 2015

Review Wang Yuja / Yu-ja Wang

A visit back home to the USA, where a record heatwave welcomed me, and some new-computer blues meant a brief hiatus in posts. The reviews are backed up a bit but the slower months of July and August might help me catch up.

Wang Yu-ja or Yuja Wang, however you spell or order her name, she’s absolutely amazing! Yes, another positive review of yet another pianist. Find #1 on Reviews page.

Kudos to for showing the live Tchaikovsky competition. It was a fabulous experience. The competitors were outstanding and, the competitors and the competition organizers are deserving of mucho kudos. It was almost shocking at first, but ultimately refreshing to see real people and not the slicked-down corporate talking heads that we have become so used to.

The only drawback was not being able to watch the various competitions very easily as the different events started at basically the same time. I had to have separate tabs and windows open and go between them until I came to the one who captured my full attention. Having staggered starts would seem to be helpful and doable, given there are only four separate streams.


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