Posted by: hksounds | June 26, 2015

Review – Sa Chen and Diotima Quartet

Review of Chen Sa and the Diotima Quartet, presented be Le French May on Live Performance page.chenplus

15th Tchaikovsky Competition

Just in case I am not the last person to hear about this, the 15th Tchaikovsky Competition is live online at and has a channel for each of the different competitions: cello, piano, violin and voice but all are on at the same time or nearly so. For Hong Kongers that means staying up very, very late. Having only watched a small portion of the contestants, it seems reckless to go on to make predictions but my favorites, of the one I did see, are #1, Dmitry Masleev on piano, he made Mozart interesting. I also liked George Liband Lucas Debargue. Jonathan Roozeman, who no matter what it says on their website, at the moment, seems to be from Finland based on the other biographical info given and not the Netherlands which is what they are claiming. I did send an e-mail suggesting they fix this apparent error. Let’s see. I believe Jonathan is the youngest in the competition. Bomsori Kim was amazing on the violin and all of these have made it past the second round.  I saw so few But of the vocalists but three I liked made it into the second round: Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, baritone, Tatiana Starkova, soprano, Chaunyue Wang, tenor and Hansung Yoo, bass.

This online site has huge amounts of classical music, both live and recorded. You can go and watch the ones you missed of this and other programmed. Thanks to Irina for letting me know about this valuable resource.


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